Those guys back in 1700s probably had nothing left to lose - eviltoast
  • @NaoPb
    1 month ago

    Maybe that’s it. I live in the Netherlands where people mostly cycle and use public transport. Sure we have cars too but you can live your life without needing to own one here.

    Also lots of people are installing solar panels due to government incentives and a similar incentive has people switch to electric cars.

    The company I rent my house from has installed solar panels, thicker windows and wall insulation to get my home to an A energy label. And I am using LED light around the house, put on a sweater instead of turning on the heat, am using a newer computer that uses a lot less power, and I try to conserve water by showering shorter and not doing a full flush of the toilet if it isn’t needed. Oh and I’ve removed some tiles from my garden zo that there is more ground available to take up the rainwater. And I’ve installed a rainwater barrel so I can collect water to use in the garden. I’m trying to move to cooking on electric but my homes electrical wiring is not quite up to that yet.

    [edit] Oh and drinking tea all day from a thermos so I don’t have to keep boiling water all the time.